Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Exploring Central

The first graders at Central School explored their surroundings during the first few days of school. Intrigued by the structure of the outside of the building, it was decided to paint a picture of the school with watercolor. Lots of different images of our school for you to enjoy!
Julie Sipe, 1st Grade

Julie Sipe, First Grade

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hands Are Not For Hurting

Students in Mr. Gullickson's 4th/5th grade classroom started this school year by completing a number of art projects related to how they see themselves as members in our classroom community. Two of the projects students completed were a personal "Hands Are Not For Hurting" hand print mural painting located in the hallway leading into our classroom, and a colored paper mosaic portrait of themselves. Both of these art projects, along with others that students will complete throughout the school year, will provide students with a variety of opportunities to explore diversity within our classroom, school, and community....Mark Gullickson 4th/5th grade.

Mark Gullickson 4th/5th Grade

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh the Places You'll Go!!!

We created hot air balloons to go along with our school theme, "Oh the Places You'll Go." The students were to think of their perfect hot air balloon then sketch it. When the kids were finished sketching, they traced over their lines with black glue (glue mixed with black paint). After the glue had dried, the students either painted them with water colors or colored them with markers and painted over the marker with water. The balloons turned out lovely and the conversations of where the students would like to travel were delightful...Saurra Olesen, 4th Grade.

Saurra Olesen, 4th Grade